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Year 6 English courseware is a milestone of English literacy development for Year 6 students and the conversion point of Primary in to High School curricula in the P-10 English literacy Australian Curriculum.

According to the Australian Curriculum, students listen to, read, view, interpret and evaluate spoken, written and multimodal texts in which the primary purpose is aesthetic, as well as texts designed to inform and persuade. These include various types of media texts including newspapers, film and digital texts, junior and early adolescent novels, poetry, non-fiction and dramatic performances. Students develop their understanding of how texts, including media texts, are influenced by context, purpose and audience.”

Language in these texts can contain higher level and complex technical content, complex sentences, figurative language and feature “Text structures including chapters, headings and subheadings, tables of contents, indexes and glossaries.”

It is a wonderful and rewarding experience teaching English at this Year 6 level. Students are more forthcoming and generous in ideas and display far more complex responses of deeper understanding. For the Year 6 English teacher, the experience of a classroom is that student personalities have truly begun to emerge in earnest. Identity, humour, insight, the grappling of social interaction and inclusion all create a diverse and creative maelstrom from which students can draw and respond to rich learning tasks. As they demonstrate their understanding with their ever-evolving literacy skills, Year 6 students can create the most delightful, surprising, quirky and original works (as anyone who has worked with this group would fully appreciate).

Edubooks curation of Year 6 literacy texts in this category is diverse in its considerations; as diverse as the many outcomes, structures, modes and response tasks demanded of courseware and also of original student work at this level. Our Year 6 primary reading books feature stories, rhymes, poems, informational-based listings, the list goes on. Year 6 Primary English Teachers have a wealth of books here in which to innovate around their mandated courseware components, outcomes fulfilling both Australian Curriculum and School outcomes and expectations.

Challenging as Year 6 English students can be, their ‘becoming’ of ‘little adults’ make these students one of the most memorable and fulfilling levels of English for a teacher to teach as you acquit your role to fulfil the obligations to the Australian Primary Curriculum and to your own Primary School.

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