Edubooks is an Australian Education Book Seller supplying high-quality reading book literacy texts for primary teacher resources aligned to progressive reading levels throughout Early Stages Foundation to Stage 3 primary school levels.

Year 4 English courseware is often the stage where virtual environments (online tasks in various LMS environments) are truly introduced amongst the more traditional delivery methods of oration, reading and comprehension, face to face interactions and the written word. This begins the teacher-led journey of both digital and real-world English literacies for our students.

Events in the stories Year 4 students are reading become increasingly complex and challenging both in comprehension and vocabulary, expanding understanding and provoking the actual new innovation of vocabulary in rich learning tasks created around these literacy texts. The sophistication of this new vocabulary challenges the need for phonetic decoding. Punctuation conventions are more regularly introduced and the frequency of their variety. Illustrations and diagrams become increasingly complicated as well as scaffolding understanding and evoking highly imaginative, emotional reactions.

Year 4 student interactions socially, within the classroom and outside in the playground, are arguably becoming nearly as complex as the language and concepts they are encountering in literacy studies as their age group begins to engage ages higher than their own, particularly in playground environments.  Their responses to tasks can be incredibly varied and curious. Courseware at this level is often tailored and adapted by the teacher for the particular dynamic in the class while retaining the core outcomes aligned with Australian Curriculum and school standards and expectations.

In their enquiry-based and rich learning tasks, teachers set the challenge to put forward arguments in Year 4 English students, encouraging the persuasion of student opinion, idea and ‘position’. Students create their own worlds to explain via informative writing responses and innovate utilising new vocabulary, structure, subjects, etc.  Student responses are created within narratives, procedures, performances, reports, reviews, poetry and expositions.

Edubooks literacy texts for Year 4 level have a wide range of topics, subjects, structure, layout, diverse and colourful storytelling and funny, unusual scenarios allowing teachers to set appropriate rich learning tasks at this English literacy level.

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