Edubooks is an Australian Education Book Seller supplying high-quality reading book literacy texts for primary teacher resources aligned to progressive reading levels throughout Early Stages Foundation to Stage 3 primary school levels.

In Year 3 courseware, teachers are embedding rich tasks and utilising English literacy to introduce other areas of study, hence general and specific comprehension of English grows through other subject areas concurrently.  The content of stories expands in the literacy texts chosen for these tasks to mirror the Australian Curriculum requirements at this Year 3 English level.

At Year 3 Level English, students are challenged to create their own literacy works in different structures responding to the texts they are reading. These feature traditional oral texts including Aboriginal stories, picture books, various types of print and digital texts, simple chapter books, rhyming verse, poetry, non-fiction, film, multimodal texts, dramatic performances and texts.” All of these literary structures are then utilised “by students as models for constructing their own work.”

Edubooks texts in this category feature structures and content commensurate with Year 3 reading levels and fulfil curriculum guidelines for the characteristics these texts should contain delivering crucial components for teachers to build and scaffold courseware.

As students explore these modes of constructing meaning, story and demonstrating understanding, their own comprehension and mastery deepens as what they read and what they create inform each other.  Understanding deepens and the students, guided by enquiry-based rich learning tasks created by Year 3 teachers, begin to accelerate their literacy to more sophisticated levels as their own brain begins to form ever more complex neural networks.

Year 3 students are just edging on moving towards a little more maturity in behaviours.  They can also lapse as quickly as they can self regulate. They are entertaining and engaging in a different way, with the ability to focus a little longer and to comprehend deeper meanings, with the nascent understanding of nuances in humour, etc.

Edubooks Year 3 curated English literacy texts are a considered offering. Of course, at their core, they have the characteristics and structures of texts that will fulfil the Australian Curriculum when courseware is based around them. Secondary to this, they are as diverse and wonderful as the students you are exposing them to in your rich learning tasks. The illustrations are ever more outrageous to mirror the subject matter and fantastical events and colourful colours woven into their pages.