Edubooks is an Australian Education Book Seller supplying high-quality reading book literacy texts for primary teacher resources aligned to progressive reading levels throughout Early Stage Foundation to Stage 3 primary school levels.

At Year 2 level English, student exposure to literary texts is increased by teachers programming rich learning tasks based upon “traditional oral texts, picture books, various types of print and digital stories, simple chapter books, rhyming verse, poetry, non-fiction, film, multimodal texts, dramatic performances and texts used by students as models for constructing their own work.”

Students now begin to create works of their own imagination employing the English literacy skills they are now developing, hence deepening and increasing their understanding of language and the construction of meaning in their scholastic and personal lives.

Indigenous (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples) and Asian culturally-based texts are also introduced throughout the entire English program P-10 and are a wonderful content feature of works studied and innovated against for courseware at this level.

Ideas and story now begin to span several pages in the texts presented to Year 2 students, challenging them with ‘unusual happenings’ within the stories where they find themselves immersed in “familiar experiences” within the imaginative space of the story’s world, assisting their suspension of disbelief which now may be forming as they truly begin to know the difference between the real and imagined. However, the ‘story-led’ experiences within these imagined world spaces divulge from a student’s own current experience and result in new levels of understanding of the real world through the juxtaposition of ‘difference’.  It is through negotiating these challenges in the reading and understanding of each story, and the growing comprehension of new ideas, that teachers begin to engineer, within their courseware, a developing level of literacy aligned with Australian Curriculum standards for Year 2 English.

Year 2 students are rife with their enquiry. They are at that crossroads where they can worm and wriggle in terms of behaviours. It can be challenging to retain their engagement and to foster their participation.

These Year 2 English literacy texts below (curated against Australian Curriculum for Year 2 Primary English outcomes by Edubooks) will hopefully inspire and innovate the courseware you create for a deeper engagement so that your Year 2 students are ‘present moment’ focussed and entirely forgetful of the fact they are learning while having fun.

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