Edubooks is an Australian Education Book Seller supplying high-quality reading book literacy texts for primary teacher resources aligned to progressive reading levels throughout Early Stage Foundation to Stage 3 primary school levels.

Year 1 continues the student journey begun in Years P and K towards the creation of “confident, imaginative thinkers and informed citizens”.  English is key to our children being able to develop analysation skills, to be able to communicate effectively, to be able to interact with, and to understand, their peers and all those they will interact with on their life journey.

In Year 1 English Programs based on Australian Curriculum standards and outcomes “students engage with a variety of texts for their enjoyment. They listen to, read, view and interpret spoken, written and multimodal texts designed to entertain and inform.

These literacy texts are particularly focussed upon, and encompass, traditional oral texts at this Year 1 English level, including Aboriginal stories, picture books, various types of stories, rhyming verse, poetry, non-fiction, film, dramatic performances and texts used by students as models for constructing their own texts.

Edubooks literacy texts curated for Year 1 English level are fun, engaging and often off-beat for entertainment value and a little longer bouts of engagement in reading times. They are full of wonderful illustrations and diagrams and are a wonderful springboard and innovation platform for your English literacy primary teaching resources.

Setting learning tasks for Year 1 can be truly entertaining for a teacher. Their sense of play is still active in their social sensibility however they are now beginning to truly engage with the world around them and their personalities are truly differentiating. A Primary Teacher has an innate understanding of the learning needs of this level and specialisation in this strata of primary English teaching results in resonant courseware perfect for the engagement of year 1 student levels of understanding, capability and skill. The retention of play in the students of this level is a resource to draw on and grow, encouraging highly individualistic creative response in tasks speaking to the interal strengths of each child.

Hopefully below there are some wonderful springboards to create engaging and rich learning task courseware for your Year 1 English course.

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