Stage 3 Reading Books for Primary Literacy


Stage 3 Reading Books for Primary Literacy


Edubooks is an Australian Education Book Seller supplying high quality Primary Reading Books and Literacy Texts for Years 5 and 6 (Stage 3) English Teaching.

The Australian Curriculum Website regarding Years 5 and 6 (Stage 3) outlines Achievement Standards from Year 5 to Year 6 in two categories; Receptive modes (listening, reading and viewing) and Productive modes (speaking, writing and creating).  The role of literacy in a greater context, and the development of the mastery of language, comprehension, interpretation and authoring (creation), begins to prepare Primary Stage 3 Students for the cultural and academic changeover into High School.  Literacy in this context is informing all of their learning across curricula.  English language, comprehension and knowledge is a crucial component in the engagement and understanding of other subjects students are exposed to in Primary Australian Curriculum throughout Years 5 and 6.


Students by the end of their Year 5 level of English are able to explain how text structures assist in understanding the text.  They are also able to understand the influences of language features, vocabulary and use of images upon characters, settings and events. Year 5 reading material must be complex enough for students to encounter more and more unfamiliar words so they can use their growing phonic, grammatical, semantic and contextual knowledge to learn and understand these words in context, adding them to their ever-growing vocabulary. Utilising primary reading literacy texts embedded in their course content by Year 5 teachers, students “create imaginative, informative and persuasive texts for different purposes and audiences“.

Students by the end of their Year 6 level of English have an understanding of how text structures can achieve particular effect.  The use of language features, images and vocabulary of authors to represent ideas, characters and events are analysed and explained through different higher level assessment tasks.  Students deal in these ‘rich’ assessments with comparisons and analyses of different and complex texts and through their creative works in response to the assessment are able to explain (with the use of selected text as evidence) the literal and implied meaning in the primary literacy texts they are engaging.

All the language texts and modes authors are utilising are now woven in to original student response works as they contribute to, and engage with, peers and learn to respond to and challenge the ideas of others. Student original works to tasks elaborate on key ideas and are far more detailed texts featuring a wide range of purposes and audiences dependent on the task at hand and their intent in response to it.  Through these creative works with every increasing grammatical complexity (another demonstration of understanding and learning) students are able to support a particular point of view, to communicate their own feelings, interpretations, thoughts and disseminations on the subject matter of the primary reading books they are studying.

The books below are part of our highly recommended and curated Primary Reading Books and Literacy Texts for Primary Teachers to create their Year 5 and Year 6 (Stage 3) English lessons against the Australian Curriculum and to fulfill their own state and school standards and expectations.

Our recommended books for this Stage 3 Primary Level provide a wealth of complex and divergent storylines, multi-dimensional characters, challenging vocabulary and provocative concepts for Stage 3 teachers to create highly engaging and rich content to stimulate and challenge student ideas and to also provide the stimuli for excellent, original and unique demonstrations of understanding in student task responses.

These more advanced texts foster an exploration of the meaning students are now constructing of their own learning and, in a far greater context, their own lives and the meaning and understanding they are beginning to find within them.

Thought provoking and challenging texts, alive with new ideas and ever-fantastical, unusual and humorous events in English texts of high level Primary School (Stage 3 Years 5 and 6), further evolve a student’s love of a good and original ‘story‘.

As language comprehension and mastery evolves in our higher Primary Students they are well-placed to begin to deal with, and negotiate, the complex world they are now fully realising they live within.  Such a level of development and understanding also anticipates how youth will be prepared to become co-creators of our world in the years ahead.

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