A story about a group of children whose kite gets stuck up a tree and their attempts to bring it down.

One warm and windy day, Charlie and his friends decide to fly a kite. It takes off and soars and swoops and plunges … straight into a tree. The kite is stuck! One by one, Charlie’s friends each try to free the kite with their toys – all of which end up stuck in the tree along with the kite. Just when it looks as though everything is stuck forever, the cat loses its footing on a branch and sets off a chain reaction, sending their toys to the ground. But guess who is stuck now?

  • Strong commercial appeal – this is a universal story which children everywhere will find appealing
  • Kids will recognise themselves in the story and the illustrations and they will also love the way the chain reaction of events unfolds
  • Featuring gorgeous illustrations from Mark Jackson, who illustrated The Truth About Penguins, Bilby Secrets and joint-illustrated Not Like Georgie.

Perfect for Prep (Foundation) to year 1 & possibly 2.


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